We, Almanfoush Company, commit to apply a certified administrative system and follow up a set of policies and views to achieve the company’s objective towards quality and acquire clients and customers satisfaction.

In order to achieve this objective, we accurately commit to the international standards of quality and food safety in addition to all legal and administrative requirements (ISO 9001-ISO 22000) and activate self control operations continuously and strictly.

We always apply teamwork by encouraging partnership and enhancing training and active communication to ensure development and improvement for all products permanently.

Continuous success and distinguishing must have a basis therefore the company has equipped its plans with modern infrastructure, equipment, and developed European machines and also obtained the raw materials of high level properties especially fresh milk which is supplied to us from our own farms which have excellent healthy conditions and which is subjected to several tests and exams within our laboratories before manufacturing.

We also always try to increase production and achieve reasonable price without contradiction with quality and high level food value of our products.

We believe that such objectives can be achieved through a practiced qualified team which attend periodic training courses in all subjects specialized in quality and food safety.

Within the company, we make periodic comprehensive review for this policy and depend on what we have achieved to ensure permanent distinguishing locally and internationally.